JARRAH is committed to providing quality training opportunities and outcomes for all its employees.


JARRAH aims to:

  • provide clear and accurate advice to clients and outline stakeholder responsibilities as they
    relate to training and workplace support.
  • provide appropriate placement and training in the building and construction industry in the
    VIC and surrounding region as required for the development of the industry to assist industry
    to achieve:
    1. optimum levels of efficiency.
    2. increased productivity and competitiveness; and
    3. improved quality and standards.


The objectives of JARRAH are to:

  • allow for a flexible workforce by enabling clients to specify levels of experience whilst realising
    training will be required
  • enhance personal development of young people through increased maturity by experiencing
    work and training experiences.
  • protect the quality of employment and training for people and ensure fairness
    in access.

Director - Stan Dryden


is a proud Aboriginal advocate and Elder that has a solid commitment to his community and the progress
of his people as well as those that have been disadvantaged through no fault of their own.

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